We teach Restoration Contractors how to master Xactimate to maximize insurance supplements, perfect retail estimates, and use Xactimate to your advantage during adjuster negotiations.

As a contractor in the insurance restoration industry, one of the most crucial components of estimating and supplementing success lies in truly mastering the Xactimate software above and beyond simply being capable of drafting a simple estimate. Xactimate reigns as the estimating standard across the board for most insurance companies, and can either be your biggest weakness or greatest strength when it comes to negotiating scope and price for claims.

Alena Wilson has designed a system that teaches contractors how to utilize simple tools that can increase their average claim by 34%+.

While the average contractor can self-teach himself the software to be proficient at putting together a basic estimate, the key components that take estimating and supplementing success to the next level remain elusive to the average contractor. Furthermore, as a business owner wearing many hats, your time is not best spent trying to teach your salesmen how to use the software, yet it is one of the most important aspects of the claims process they should learn.

While there are countless options for insurance adjusters to learn Xactimate to benefit THEIR trade, there are little to no resources available to teach Xactimate mastery to the storm restoration contractor. That’s where we come in.